We created the SomerTime Healing Center on a gorgeous organic permaculture fruit farm surrounded by lush primary rainforest, medicinal plants, spring rivers and waterfalls. 

We love and respect nature and understand that, without it, we are fundamentally lost and sick, so we preserve this land and sacred space through facilitating our healing detox-yoga retreats. 

Our vision is to provide a heartfelt safe space where people can purify their mind, body and spirit by connecting with nature while enjoying world class yoga and eating high vibrational foods. 


Our long-term goal is to continue preserving land and creating organic permaculture and sustainable farms. We want to assist in a future of health, happiness and abundance by preserving as much nature as possible. Helping to save the planet and allowing us to harmonize with nature indefinitely for all generations of species to come. 

Know that, with gratitude, 100 percent of your proceeds go back into our loved SomerTime Healing Center and preserving this sacred land.

Location: We are located in South Pacific Costa Rica right outside the quant farm town of Tinamaste, Costa Rica, in the magical Diamante Valley. This area has several organic fruit farms and has an organic farmers market close by with our community of conscious creators coming together to share their gifts. This is a powerful healing valley along side a beautiful mountain and only a 25 minute drive down to the surf beach Dominical. 

About Kosi 

Diagnosed at age 15 with kidney disease during a routine sports physical, Kosi grew up like an average American teenager. He enjoyed partying and quickly found himself drinking excessively and using recreational drugs to cope with the institutional system of schooling and life he found himself in.  After high school, he attended The University of South Carolina where his substance abuse escalated. 

After college he followed the herd to get a good job and landed an insurance gig which paid well for just being out of college.  Unhappy with his job, he and his childhood best friend started a mattress company.

This was great except, he had more freedom to dive into his vices and eventually the substance abuse lifestyle with the freedom of entrepreneurship causes depression.

One day, by the grace of God, Kosi found himself in a yoga class and afterwards in savasana while listening to a Krishna Das song, he experienced a peace he had never felt before.
In divine timing, shortly after the bliss of his first savasana, he met his next yoga teacher and mentor Jeffrey Cohen. Kosi had tried to buy a new yoga mat from Jeffrey, but Jeffrey wouldn't sell it to him. David Life, Jeffrey's teacher and founder of the Jivamukti Yoga method, was coming to town that coming weekend to teach master classes. Jeffrey insisted that Kosi buy a ticket to the master class before he would sell him the yoga mat. Kosi obliged and bought both. The master class with David Life forever changed Kosi’s life. It gave him a mental awareness of spaciousness—bliss, ecstasy, and the feeling of deep contentment, which he had never experienced. Afterwards, he practiced consistently for several years at Jivamukti Yoga, Charleston until 2012 when he discovered Blue Spirit in Costa Rica where he completed 300 hours of Jivamukti Teacher Training. After qualifying as a Jivamukti instructor, he taught ten classes each week for four years while also maintaining the operation of his mattress business.


In 2015, Kosi was feeling the need to deepen his meditation practice and was lead to study Parayoga with Rod Styker(aka Yogarupa) in Colorado. He spent 2 years traveling back and forth from his home in South Carolina at the time to Colorado.  Yogarupa taught him amazing meditation techniques and hatha yoga practices that kept him in touch with his souls journey. 


By 2016, Kosi’s kidney disease had reached “stage 5”, and he was advised to consider a transplant. He had also battled gout as a result of his kidney condition and was at a loss for what to do. By the grace of God, Dr. Robert Morse was recommended and taught Kosi the power of raw foods, fasting, and detoxification. Currently, his diet is 80% raw and has enabled him to reverse his kidney disease and eliminate gout from his body. 

In 2018, after detoxing and fasting for a couple years, Kosi decided to obtain Levels 1 and 2 certifications from the International School of Detoxification, so he could better understand detoxing, fasting and iridology more thoroughly.   

Along with starting other successful businesses, Kosi is a great mentor in teaching how to open our energy to the abundant flow. He has received his masters in Reiki, and knows  how to protect his energy field, how to be open and to always choose love. 
He discovered that life in the US and the material world was not the life he desired any longer.


Over the past 10 years, Kosi learned that his purpose in life is to embody the divine masculine role and uplift the divine feminine. He is here to protect the earth and our mother nature. His mission is to save as much precious land as he can. This is where his name Kosalanath Das is derived from, which means protector of earth and servant of God. 

He is a gourmet raw vegan chef and takes the fun of eating raw to a whole new level. He embodies all that he teaches and is a wonderful mentor for self care, happiness and abundance. He is all love and light and holds a safe and fun space for detoxification.

In 2018, Kosi moved to Costa Rica where he surfed, meditated and practiced yoga daily for a year to nurture a transformative part of his being and his life. In search to further aid his healing journey, he knew he needed warm weather, the best ripe fruits in the world and the medicinal and botanical plants that healed him. 

After living in Guancaste, Costa Rica, he found himself drawn to Somertime. There he fell in love with the abundance of fruit, rivers, beaches and all that the primal rainforest of Costa Rica has to offer. 

Upon arrival to SomerTime Inn, he found that Somer had been running the farm and healing hotel on her own and trying to buy the place but needed a business partner. 
Without question, Kosi was on board 100 percent. Somer feels so much gratitude to have met Kosi, whom is is ready like she is to commit to this beautiful dream of a healing center. So In divine timing they are able to transition the hotel into the healing center it was always meant to be! 


~Kosis  experience 

Entrepreneur - started Sleepingorganic.com in 2011, a health conscious organic mattress and bedding company.

Jivamukti Yoga teacher - completed 300 hours of training in 2012 at Blue Spirit in Costa Rica.

Parayoga teacher - completed 280 hours  of training. Studied 2015-2017 with Yogarupa, Rod Stryker.

Reiki Master

Vipassana Meditator 

International School of Detoxification and Regeneration Level 1 - 2018

International School of Detoxification and Regeneration Level 2 - 2018

About Somer 


Somer grew up in a kind and humble family in Houston, Texas. Her parents love to their fullest and have passed this gift onto her. She grew up around givers and a natural habitat of hospitality. She always craved for the nature as she lived in the city. Her father worked very hard for all they had and she and her siblings learned the mentality “work hard play hard”. So while they were still in school they played hard and now they work hard. Her family and school friends were not naturalist and therefore she did not know this life. 


​Like the majority of North Americans she was raised consuming packaged foods, non organic vegetables and meats found on the Kroger grocery shelves. She was already very sensitive and empathetic from birth but she continued to eat this way and even started drinking at an early age. She ended up going to college and continued down the southern lifestyle of drinking and carrying on. In college at the University of Mississippi, She studied hospitality management and graduated with honors. She is hospitable outgoing and loves people. She knew when she graduated she could work at any hotel she wanted she would use this degree to confidently travel and work in places that were beautiful and fun! 


After college Somer helped her aunt at her law firm “working in a cubicle” until she got a sudden call from a friend from middle school that she hadn’t seen or heard from since. He was the only hippie she had really ever known! He was referred to as (the tree hugger) in middle school . So in their early 20’s Jon Falcone, invited Somer to meet him for a drink. Sure enough that day he invited her to the Grand Teton National Park and on a road trip with his friend to all the national parks out west. He lent her, her first hiking backpack and she got her first hiking boots. This trip was life changing! she connected with peace, nature, wild-life and was accompanied by good boys that love nature and loved big. She now loved nature too! Needless to say she did not catch that road-trip back to Texas. She had them drop her off in Colorado and she happily explored and found a job in Breckenridge Co. 

While  employed in Colorado, she began to learn the natural ways of living. Her new girl friends were hippies and were more health conscious. They didn’t wear make-up and had wonderful personalities full of humor and joy.  She learned things like not to consume fluoride found in toothpaste and makeup was actually bad for the skin. She also learned from her own experience being so deep in the nature of Colorado that alcohol had a huge negative effect on her happiness and was amplifying her depression and anxiety.


Many Latinos were guests the hotel Somer worked in, in Snowmass, Co. She saw something different in the Latin guests eyes, a unique spark and charm; something she felt was missing in her! She asked a Brazilian guest what her it was she had in her eyes, this lady told her to go to Latin America and learn their culture and ways! Somer booked a one-way flight to Honduras and began backpacking Latin America in search for her own happiness and peace within her-self. She backpacked alone with her hammock for 2 1/2 years from Honduras down into Peru. She had many realizations and learned so much.


Important knowledge she gained:

  • The more simple life is, the more loving and fulfilling it is 

  The fewer material things she had to keep up with enabled more freedom to     love the environment and people around her.


  • Medicinal plants can heal all cuts and wounds, headaches, stomach aches and severe diseases.

  • Our bodies are sacred temples and need to be clean and pure for energy to flow properly and allow our intuition to guide us. Chemical products are toxic, and we should not put chemicals on or into our bodies.


  • Energy work and clearing energy are powerful healing modalities. 


  • The power of prayer

By simply walking in the jungles of Central America, she received deep healing and awakenings. The trees energy healed her heart and allowed her to open, and she began to love herself. She stripped away layers and layers of false assumptions and lifestyles that had accumulated growing up in the western world. This big release and opening in nature allowed her to begin a new life. She was taught Reiki; an energy healing modality she loves to practice. She also became an intuitive masseuse by working along-side world healers. She worked on organic permaculture farms throughout her travels and was blown away by the amount of food that can be grown on the beautiful land. Once she had experienced the organic farming lifestyle, she knew there was no other way to live and felt compelled to open a healing center. Where the doors were open to everyone to come out and experience this powerful healing in Costa Rica. 

Before starting her dream project, She was called to travel further South, where she lived in Panama,  worked on sustainable living projects and then worked in Colombia and Ecuador with children in art therapy. When that job finished she went to Peru, where she spent more than a year in the sacred valley connecting with two of the most powerful healing plants on the planet — Ayahuasca and San Pedro.

She facilitated healing's with art and medicinal plants. Working with the plants and living among pigs, lamas, goats, chickens and sheep she adopted a vegan diet, for the love for the animals, the energetic exchange and her health. 


The medicinal plants taught her how toxic alcohol is to the body, mind, and spirit. Without consuming toxic chemicals and choosing love, she was able to focus on what she really wanted to do for the planet and to serve others with love while here on earth. Upcycling and being in service of spirit was her every day lifestyle. Her relationship with Spirit had become clear and has continued to grow. 

Somer began writing down her vision and telling everyone back home about this healing center she was envisioning. She worked hard on her business proposal, and with divine guidance and connecting with her highest self her dream was manifesting. 


In 2016, she discovered an amazing 60-acre organic fruit farm, Fuente Verde—a dreamland where she opened The SomerTime Inn with the intention of healing and hospitality. Her mission was to connect people with their true selves in nature in the most comfortable and loving environment that she could possibly create.

During the past three years with the help of volunteers and a few Costa Rican employees, she has successfully maintained the SomerTime Inn and has managed the healing hostel and retreat home on her own. The SomerTime Inn has hosted and helped hundreds of people from all over the world.


She cares deeply for the well being of others and leads by working on herself by living a healthy lifestyle and creating a tranquil space for healing. She manages and balances the care of the guests, the land, the healing home and the employees.


In April of 2019, She felt financial pressure from the owner to purchase the place as soon as possible. After a stressfull year of trying to figure it out and along with a lot of prayer, Kosi arrived as a guest in the Somertime Inn. He brought his wonderful positive healing energy in and held a caring space for her and offered to help out with her business. Their connection felt like home. His love for the land and his expertise and humble energy was a perfect combination for a partner in Somertime! Kosi was making his raw gourmet meals and quickly had Somer and all the guests happy to join in on his healing venture. He has been great support to her and her guests on their raw detox journey. 

Now together they are offering raw detox retreats and long term stays. 

Each day is getting closer and closer to purchasing the property and to keeping the healing center open for generations to come. 


Somer’s Experience: 


2010: Degree in Hospitality Management, University of Mississippi


2008-Present: worked in the hospitality service industry in Oxford MS, Houston TX, Jackson Hole, WY, Aspen CO, & Breckenridge, CO, and in Central and South America 


2014 – Present:  volunteered on permaculture farms in Central and South America


2014 – 2015:  Worked with indigenous medicines in Peru


2016-2019: started and managed the SomerTime Inn. 


2017:  Trained in holotropic breath work


2017 – 2018:  Hosted silent meditation retreats


2018  Anasazi Foundation trail walker as a behavioral health therapist for at risk children and adults


2017 – Present:  Vipassana meditation