We invite you to our charming healing home in Costa Rica to experience the true meaning of Pura Vida! 

The Somertime healing home is in paradise sitting on the mountain top in the primary jungle amongst the radiant peace and stunning nature. Our goal is to immerse you into the simple life style of Costa Rica and support you on your detox journey.


Costa Rica healed our mind, body and spirits and we want to give you the opportunity to receive this gift as well! 


We love our seasonal fruit from Guanabana, Mangos, Mamochinos, Mangostem, Jack Fruit, Durian, Starfruit, Passion fruit and Zapote to name a few. The Papaya, Pineapple, Coconuts, Oranges and Watermelons are extra delicious here too. We have so much fun eating all these fruits with you. 


We will tailor a meal plan according to your dietary needs and  provide all organic whole foods from our farm and local neighboring farms. -If needed we can bring your detox down a little with healthy alternatives. 


We are located in the mountains at an elevation 285 ft high or 87 meters. Enjoy the mesmerizing sun-rise and sets over the rolling mountains into the pacific ocean. We are near to the largest waterfalls in Costa Rica and many secret swimming holes and rivers. We are  just a twenty five minute scenic ride down to the beaches. Discover all the different species of the jungle and visit organic permaculture farms with many fruit trees. We look forward to showing you around paradise and learning our ways of health as well we love to learn your healthy ways too.  


Enjoy time with certified Dr. Morse students here to offer there services with iridology, advice and good company.  

We provide health and wellness classes during your stay with yoga, meditation, and exercise. We will connect with all the natural elements of life; Mother Earth, Fire, Air and Water to experience their guidance into our well being. 

Again we also tailor a unique experience once we get to know you and align the best opportunity for your healing and growth. 

Are you ready to give yourself self care and time to heal?

You definitely deserve it and we look forward to having you. 

We only host a few people at a time for individual detox stays in order to honor the optimal relaxing and peaceful stay for our guests. You can stay for a minimum of a week and as many months as you need. We recommend doing a 4 month protocol here with us for an amplified healing experience. 

More information: 

Getting to our healing home is easy

we provide transportation by shuttle to and from the airport or you may rent your own car. 

We are located 4 hour drive from the airport in San Jose Costa Rica. Our shuttle service stops for restroom breaks and food and beverages. 

Here at the Somertime healing home it is warm during the day with a nice breeze always flowing through the property and comfortable temperature at night. An all natural air flow system (open windows) no bugs no worries : ).

in the home we provide:

organic natural soaps, shampoo and conditioner

a library of healthy mindful reads


all the main course food but we will invite ya'll to get your own snacks at the farmers markets etc. 


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Sending the good vibes with an abundance of love and sunshine!