Thank you for your interest volunteering here at the Somertime healing home. 

If you are someone that is personable, kind and caring of others (one that lives through their heart ) as well as a stable and balanced being, then this could just be the spot. 

  • A raw healthy chef! 

  •  Dr. Morse students with level 1 and 2 certifications! 

to offer iridolgy readings and knowledge and just pass time with like minded beautiful humans on the path! 

  • Teachers of health and wellness

    • i.e.

    • certified body workers

    • Yoga

    • Tai Chi

    • Chi Gong

    • Martial arts

    • Breathe work

    • meditation

    • singing and music

    • dance

    • and well we are open to other offers that are for our highest good : )

    • Spanish teachers 

  • The  exchange will also entail helping out around the charming farm and home 

Talk to you soon, if your interested we will set up interviews and screening processes.  

Pura Vida